dog coats manufacturers of greyhound whippet, italian greyhound coats including camouflage and reflective dog winter wear. We also supply leather Staffie harnesses.   

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Greyhound coats in lots of colours and breathable option
Greyhound coats

Camouflage Dog Coat
Camouflage Dog Coats

Reflective Dog Coat with fleece or unlined option
Reflective Dog Coats

Reflective Whippet Coat
Reflective whippet coats

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Collar
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Collars

Deluxe Whippet Coat
Deluxe Whippet Coat

Starbright designer whippet coat exclusing to - reflective!
Starbright Greyhound Fashion
Exclusive to
Whippet Coat
Whippet Coats
Starbright designer whippet coat exclusing to - reflective!
Reflective Pink/Black Starbright Whippet Coats

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Harnesses

Staffordshire Bull Terrier items

Staffie Dog coat and Staffie Collar
Clip close dog coat


Plus loads more dog coats inside:

Information about us:

We are a small family run business based on the Isle of Anglesey in the UK

We started back in 1995 supplying local pet shops and pet supply wholesalers with our unique range of high-quality coats for dogs.

In November 2002 we set up our website supplying these coats to the general public.

We are able to offer all of our coats at extremely competitive prices due to the low overheads involved with internet commerce. Since setting up the website we have supplied dog coats all over the world to many satisfied customers.

As we make many of our coats in-house, we can often tailor to the specific needs of our customers and take pride in our friendly, professional service.

We aim to sell as many varieties of dog coats, as possible and our collection is increasing all the time.

Among our most popular range are the breed-specific coats made to our highest quality and priced extremely competitively: greyhound coats, coats for whippets, Italian greyhound coats, Staffordshire bull terrier etc. We also provide many pet accessories along side our reflective dog coats and dog jackets.

Information about our dog coats:

As well as supplying coats by other manufactures we also make several types of coats ourselves which we are able to offer at very low prices due to the small overheads involved:

  1. Clip-Close Dog Coats

A water-resistant, fleece-lined raincoat suitable for most breeds of dog. They have a Velcro-fastening chest and a clip-release polypropylene waist strap that adjust for a secure, snug fit.  A dart at the back of the coat helps prevent the coat riding up in the wind. Available in several attractive colours and sizes up to 30 inches.

  1. Hi Vis dog coats

Similar to the Clip-Close dog coat but available in two high-visibility colours: yellow and orange. These coats also have reflective on the side and front for extra safety.

  1. Camouflage dog coats

Made exactly like the Clip-Close coat but have a camouflage water-resistant material on the outside.

  1. Greyhound Coats

These greyhound dog coats are available in a large variety of water-resistant material colours and also a choice of fleece-colours. Unlike the standard coats they are shaped especially to follow the contours of this breed. They have a clip-release buckle on the chest as well as the waist to keep the coat secure during running. Optional reflective strips available. We also make inexpensive kennel coats.

  1. Whippet Coats

Shaped to contour to a whippets unique body and available in a wide variety of colours like the greyhound coats. They have a sewn front and a clip-release polypropylene waist strap. Reflective strips optional.

  1. Italian Greyhound Coats

This coat is made to fit the Italian Greyhound or Manchester terrier and is constructed exactly the same as the Whippet Coat. Reflective strips optional.

    7.   Summer Dog Raincoats - with underbelly protection.

An unlined dog rain mac designed to be waterproof yet cool. Ideal for summer months or as a dog shower mac. Easy to fold into a pocket or backpack - never get caught in a shower again. Lightweight nylon dog coat with no fur/fleece. The perfect dog coat for hot weather.

Small dog clothes to large dog clothes... we also supply designer dog clothes by other manufactures including waxed jackets, fleece coats and many other types. Please enter our store for more details.