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Basset Hound Factsheet

Introducing the Adorable and Amusing Basset Hound

Yes, this is the 'Hush Puppy'. The Basset Hound is a most affectionate dog with his own little quirks and eccentricities which endear him to so many owners, not least his soppy-looking gait as he runs. He also displays an expression, ears and deep 'woof' which melt the heart. Behaving well is innate to his nature, so you will find him delightful indoors where he will never cause any disruption. He is a great barker and howler when aroused, drawing your attention to anything unusual but with no desire to draw attention to himself; although very fond of affection, he is actually a quite self-deprecating kind of chap.
Physical Description
·         Basset Hounds, as the name betrays, are hounds, weighing in at between 35lbs at the lower end and up to 60lbs at the top end (16kgs to 27kgs).
·         A Basset Hound's height is fairly uniform, normally around 13 to 14 inches (33 to 35 centimeters).
·         Essentially, a Basset Hound is a melange of of a Bloodhound's head and Dachshund's body. He is a heavy-boned and short-legged dog well suited for hound duties in spite of his slow speed when running which people, mistakenly, often dismiss as a negative sign.
·         Basset Hounds have excessively long ears which may become sensitive and certainly require regular attention.
·         The coat tends to be short, dense and smooth making for good protection in all weathers.
·         Markings vary but are much like other hounds'.
·         The Basset Hound, while prone to laziness, is gentle, mild and affectionate.
·         As well as possessing an affable nature, Basset Hounds also like to have fun. It is rare to find them having any problems with children (of any age) or other household pets.
·         He is a character all of his own! This is a dog to cheer you up.
Care and Exercise
·         Basset Hounds shed hair incessantly which means regular grooming with a stiff brush and comb is a must if you are keeping him indoors. Frequent nail trimming is also essential as they do not tend to wear them down through their own activity. Priority should be given to cleaning their outsize ears as often as is reasonably possible; this is their most common aggravation.
·         Basset Hounds, by their very nature, love to sniff and you will find their reactions hilarious if they locate the source of the scent they are tracking. However, they are prone to indolence as well as over-indulgence at the dog bowl, so regular walks are a must and if you can introduce them to as many different areas where they can roam free, they will love it.
·         Basset Hounds have a unique nature so much patience is required in their training. They will respond best to a soft and caring approach. They will pursue a scent oblivious to anything else so tricks to bring them back to heel must be worked out.
Basset Hounds make for a great family pet, are not overly difficult to care for and will bring frequent hilarity quite unlike any other breed.

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MEDIUM Sandstone Waxed Greyhound Coat
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