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A Car Sick Dog

By: Sheila King-Jeffcoat

Most pet owners do not realize the underlying cause of their dog's car sickness. It is often thought that the cause of the physical sickness of a dog during a car ride is caused by the motion. However, a large percentage of the time, this is not the case. The following paragraphs will discuss the underlying cause of car sickness in most dogs, as well as provide a method to help your dog get over this problem.
It has been found that in most cases of dogs getting sick during rides in the car is caused by stress. In some cases, the thing a dog remembers most about being in a car is being separated from his mother and siblings. In addition, most dogs have never ridden in a car before this experience. Other dogs tend to associated rides in the car with visits to the vet, since it is typical for most car trips dogs go on are to the vet. No matter what memory surfaces in your dog's mind when going on a car ride, it is very possible it is a stressful one. The stress is most likely what is causing your dog to be sick during car rides.
So, how do you cure your dog's car sickness? You eliminate his stress during car rides. There may be many ways to do this, but this following paragraphs will describe a method that has been proven successful for many dog owners everywhere.
In order to remove the stress on your dog during a car ride, you have to show him that the ride will not be stressful, nor will his final destination be undesirable. This process will take some patience, and more than one ride in your car with your dog. It is important to teach him that some car rides will reap pleasurable rewards.
To do this, you should pick a place to take your dog that's not far from your house. Choosing a park you've walked your dog to before is best as the dog will be familiar and comfortable with your final destination. He should see the destination as a reward.
Take your dog to the same place in your car every day. Be sure to calm your dog with soothing words the entire way, praising him for not being sick. It is important to praise him when you reach your destination, as well. Once you do this regularly for a while, your dog will likely be eager to jump in the car for a ride. Your problem will likely be solved.
However, if this does not solve your problem, and your dog continues to get sick during car rides, you may want to consult a professional regarding the issue. There may be another cause behind your dog's car sickness, and only a vet would be able to determine it properly.

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