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Shopping for your new puppy

Getting a new puppy is an exciting time. Before you bring your new canine friend home there are a few things you should purchase to make your puppies arrival a little more comfortable for both them and you:

Toys: You don’t want your new puppy to chew your furniture, shoes and other personal items. Give your puppy another option. Having a lot of toys on hand isn’t necessarily going to keep your puppy from trying to play with items you would rather they leave alone, but it will help. Whenever you find your puppy eating something they shouldn’t remove it, and hand them one of their own toys. Eventually they’ll get the idea. Try to get a few toys that are cuddly like stuffed animals, as well as a few toys that are especially good for chewing, like plastic bones. A good quantity and variety will keep your dog entertained
Crate: A crate is a must have for any puppy owner. A crate has many different purposes. Crates are great to keep your dogs out of things when you aren’t at home, and keep your dog from treating your home like a bathroom. A crate can also be a great place fro your dog to sleep at night, and can give your puppy the feeling of his or her own “room” A safe place where they can always go to take a nap, or hang out when they are frightened by new guests or loud noises.
Leash: Extendable leashes can be tempting, but get a regular leash for your puppy to start off. If you start walking your dog on a short non-extendable leash they will be used to focusing on the sidewalk and not wandering too far away when you finally do purchase that extendable leash. Shorter leashes make controlling your new friend much easier, and make it much easier for them to understand what you want for them to do.
Food: Adult dog food is going to be too much for your puppies tummy, so is people food and table scraps. Purchase a bag of high-grade puppy food to get your puppy started. If you can, try to get the same type of food your puppy has been eating where they came from. Having the same food will make the transition from their old home to their new one a little easier by having something familiar.
Food Bowls: This seems like an obvious purchase, but get a set of good stainless steel bowls for your dog to eat from. Having their own food dishes that stay in the same location will help your dog start to feel like they have their own place in your home and that they belong.
Training Treats: Training treats are small treats that you will give your puppy after they do something the way you want them to. The way to your puppies’ heart, and obedience is through their tummy. Purchase a good bag of treats and be prepared to start training your dog immediately.
Carpet Cleaner: Accidents happen. No matter how hard you try o avoid it, at least once your new dog is going to have at least once accident in your home. Be prepared with a carpet cleaner designed just for the occasion. Your dog has a keen sense of smell, if they can still smell on the carpet where they have previously peed, and then they will continue to pee in the same place. You want to rid the carpet or floor permanently of the scent with a special pet stain cleaner.

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SMALL Sandstone Waxed Greyhound Coat
SMALL Sandstone Waxed Greyhound Coat
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SMALL Whippet Coat
A perfect fit (as was the previous one) for my whippet. I ha ..
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